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  • The Mansoura University Animal Care and Use Committee (MU-ACUC) ensures that all ethical issues arising in connection with research activities involving animals are identified and reviewed and that the use of animals, its products or genetic material can be ethically justified.
  • Appropriate decisions are taken to ensure that all procedures are conducted to the standards of institutional regulation and best practice and in accordance with the principals of the 3 Rs: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.
  • MU-ACUC reviews process includes protocols of research work (master, Ph.D, MD, independant research and research project), accommodation and care of animals, and the training of those who use animals, in order to support the delivery of the highest quality animal science and animal welfare.
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The main objective of using animals in experiments is the impossibility of conducting experiments on non-animal subjects, and difficulty of obtaining ..... more

The researcher must also take into account the 3Rs in animal experimentation:

  • Replacement alternatives refer to methods which avoid or replace the use of animals in research. This includes both absolute replacements (i.e. replacing animals by mathematical or computer models) and relative replacements (i.e. replacing vertebrates, with animals having a lower potential for pain perception, such as some invertebrates, or live animals with tissue cultures, perfused organs or cellular fractions).

Coursesand Workshops

Working with Rats in Research Settings

Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats in Research Minimizing Pain and Distress

Working with Fish in Research Settings

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